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Experts urge farmers to infuse science in agriculture to boost production
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Charting the futures of aquatic agricultural systems in Southern Africa

23rd Jul, 2015
Fish agri-food systems are vital to food and nutrition security and sustainable agricultural livelihoods. Fish consumption is currently contributing more than 20% of the protein consumed from animal sources in Africa. This is expected to grow by 25-48% in the next ten years and the price is likely to increase at 1% per year in Africa. About 12.3 million men and women in Africa depend on fisheries, aquaculture and related industries as a source of income and employment, with women making up more than a fourth of this work force.
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Agribusiness Incubation Enhances Income in Zambia

21st Jul, 2015
Agbit Incubator is celebrating successes and milestones achieved through the agribusiness incubation model that has, in the last four years, registered unprecedented growth in farmers' horticultural products which include vegetables and fruits. Subsequently, incomes have increased as a result of increased production resulting from adopting technologies emanating from agricultural research.
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FARA Supports the Take-off of Plantain Innovation Platform in Nigeria Action Area

16th Jul, 2015
The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) and a segment of its stakeholders gathered at the International Conference Center of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife on Friday the 26th of June 2015 to launch the Innovation platform for Plantain commodity. Dr Latifou Idrissou, the West Africa Action site coordinator of Humidtropics program represented by Mr. David Obisesan gave a brief presentation on the Humidtropics program and the need to generate intermediate development outcomes from the Humidtropics systems research.
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Science Agenda for Agriculture in Africa

The Science Agenda for Agriculture in Africa (dubbed 'Science Agenda' / S3A) is an African Owned and African-led process that articulates the science, technology,extension, innovations, policy and social learning that Africa needs to apply in order to meet its agricultural and overall development goals. The strategic thrusts of the S3A in the short to medium term are: the implementation of CAADP; increase domestic public and private sector investment; creating the enabling environment for sustainable application of science for agriculture; and to double current level of Agricultural Total Factor Productivity (ATFP) by 2025 through application of science for agriculture.

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The Integrated Agricultural Research for Development (IAR4D) concept was developed and proposed by FARA to overcome the shortcomings of the linear approaches for implementing agricultural research and development. The IAR4D concept appraises agriculture as a system that is made of many sub-systems that must work together to foster development. Thus it engages all actors, organizations and institutions that are involved in the agricultural sector to interact and jointly foster the development of the sector. IAR4D uses both the system and the commodity approach, and engages all actors along the commodity value chain, including external actors like policy makers, financial institutions, meteorologist, insurance etc. that influences the chain to interact and proffer solution to the jointly identified constraints on the platform.

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