FARA’s new Strategic plan (2014-2018) is designed to respond to emerging opportunities and challenges facing the continent and its quest to become food secure and improve the welfare of its people.
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Strategic Plan

FARA’s new Strategic plan (2014-2018) is designed to respond to emerging opportunities and challenges facing the continent and its quest to become food secure and improve the welfare of its people. It takes advantage of experiences and lessons learned in strengthening the building blocks of the agricultural innovations system, namely: research, extension, education, farmer organizations, civil society, agribusiness and policy – in a changing context.

Through its new Strategic Plan, FARA has committed itself to deliver the following key results (KRs) by 2018:

KR 1: African agricultural stakeholders determining how the sector should be transformed and establishing the needed collective actions in a gender-sensitive manner

KR 2: Strengthened and integrated continental capacity responding to stakeholder demands within the agricultural innovation system in a gender-sensitive manner

KR 3: Enabling environment for increased AR4D investment, and implementation of agricultural innovation systems in a gender-sensitive manner

FARA expects itself to deliver these key results through interventions in the following three Strategic Priority (SP) areas:

Strategic priority 1: Visioning Africa’s agricultural transformation – with foresight, strategic analysis and partnerships. The rationale for this SP is that it embraces the aspects of FARA’s core functions that require it to take on strategic observatory roles needed to ensure that Forum members are aware of, and can respond appropriately to, ongoing changes.

Strategic priority 2: Integrating capacities for change – by connecting and learning. The rationale for this SP is that over the last three decades the capacities of African agricultural universities and training institutions have been expanded substantially in terms of numbers of staff, but there remain grave concerns about the quality and relevance of the teaching and learning that they deliver.

Strategic priority 3: Enabling environment for implementation – by advocating and communicating. The rationale for this Strategic Priority (SP) is that Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) and Framework for African Agricultural Productivity (FAAP) – in line with the interests of FARA’s stakeholders – call for increased and better harmonized investments in agriculture and agricultural research and development by national governments, and regional and international development agencies/partners. This requires evidence-based advocacy to all stakeholders to provide them with viable options for improving policy, institutions and markets.

(Download the FARA Strategic Plan)

News & Events

FARA holds eCapacities™ Training Workshop for Demand-side Partners

20th Aug, 2015
    A three-day workshop on the eCapacities™ facility was held between 17th and 19th August 2015 at the FARA Secretariat in Accra, Ghana, with the main objective of  equipping representative staff from the demand-side (of labor markets) partner organizations with the know-how for effective management and administration of the eCapacities™ platform. Also, it enabled the participants provide feedback on the challenges encountered in handling the system during their training as a basis for further technical improvement. 
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AU lauds FARA Agribusiness Incubation as a Model for Job and Wealth Creation in Africa

13th Aug, 2015
In celebrating the success of Afribanana Products Limited (ABP), a launch of facilities constructed for the incubation programme was carried out at Mbarara in Uganda. ABP is an incubator supported under the FARA-UniBRAIN agribusiness incubation programme aimed at job and wealth creation through technology commercialization, promotion of agribusiness education and up-scaling of best practices and lessons for incubation in Africa. Afribanana Products Limited was initiated in 2012 with the consortia's keen aim of adding value to banana and ensuring optimal returns from this wonderful crop.
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