FRR Volume 1 No 5_2017: Innovation Opportunities in Irish Potato Value Chain in Mali

FRR Volume 1 No 5_2017: Innovation Opportunities in Irish Potato Value Chain in Mali

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Due to increasing urbanization, potatoes have become an important food crop in most Malian cities. Despite long-term investment in the potato value chain, achieving major gains in returns is still a major challenge. This paper briefly assessed the potential economic benefit for the different actors in the potato value chain using participatory appraisal in two regions of Mali (Sikasso and Koulikoro). We used “structure, Conduct and Performance” approach to assess the whole value chain of the crop. Farmers and their organizations, state and para-state institutions were surveyed to capture the constraints and opportunities along the value chain. Our findings indicated that there are high potentials for potato production in the country; prices are volatile during the year and the product could be exported to neighboring countries at a competitive price. However, many infrastructures are needed for conservation, packaging and transportation. The cost of some services remains still very high (electricity) and it constitutes a major challenge for conservation and stabilization of price in the market.

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