FRR Volume 1 No 6_2017: Functions and Impacts of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms in Benin

FRR Volume 1 No 6_2017: Functions and Impacts of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms in Benin

The purpose of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (MSPs) is to improve the wellbeing of the different actors who participate in the activities of the platform. There is the need to understand the mechanism to ensure that the different stakeholder category of the platform have an equitable benefit. Thus, this study was set out to describe the operation of the agricultural multi-stakeholder platforms and assess the impact of their activities on the production and revenue of the different beneficiaries. The required data was collected from 285 stakeholders using structured questionnaires. The econometric approach based on the Local Average Treatment effect (LATE) was used to identify the impact of the participation in the MSP activities on the revenue and yield of the producers. The results revealed that the yield of rice increased by 2 tons/ha as a result of stakeholder participation in the MSP activities. Likewise, participation in the MSP activities led to an increase in the revenue by CFAF 43,038. The results also revealed that participation in bundling increased producers’ revenue by CFAF 28,367. Training received by the producers and the development of the lowlands increased revenue from rice by 0.82 and 0.72 tons/ha respectively. The study confirmed that good benefits are generated on the platform due to the complementary effect of stakeholder’s interactions. However, it will be necessary to conduct a follow up study on on the knowledge level and the technical efficiency, output from this would guide the development of activities at the level of the platforms.

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