Possible Collaborations Discussed As FARA ED Visits APAARI

History was again made yesterday 21st July, 2016 as Dr. Raghunath Ghodake, the Executive Secretary of Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institute (APAARI) hosted for the first time, Dr. Yemi Akinbamijo, the Executive Director of FARA in his Bangkok, Thailand Office.


The meeting which was initiated at the April 2016 GCARD-3 event in Johannesburg brings to fruition, FARA’s realization of the south-south collaborative initiative to support agricultural research for development (ARD) in Africa.

Bangkok, Thailand 21st July, 2016: L-R: Dr Raghunath Ghodake (Executive Secretary, APAARI), Dr Emma Zalcman (Veterinary and Agricultural Research and Development Specialist), Dr Yemi Akinbamijo (Executive Director, FARA) and Ms Martina Spislakova (Knowledge Management Coordinator, APAARI) shortly after the courtesy call of the FARA Executive Director to APAARI Secretariat.

L-R: Dr. Raghunath Ghodake (Executive Secretary, APAARI), Dr. Emma Zalcman (Veterinary and Agricultural Research and Development Specialist), Dr. Yemi Akinbamijo (Executive Director, FARA) and Ms Martina Spislakova (Knowledge Management Coordinator, APAARI). Photo Credit: APAARI.


APAARI’s mission aims to mutually reinforce and encourage collaborative relationships among a wide range of institutions therefore, FARA sees this as an opportunity to experience firsthand, the benefits of such.


The Bangkok-based staff of the APAARI Secretariat and FARA ED had a most enriching three-hour session to exchange opinions on the possible areas of collaboration between the two regions while further discussions on FARA’s programmes such as PAEPARD, UniBRAIN and Climate Smart Agriculture were also made.


Dr. Yemi Akinbamijo commended the efforts of APAARI at promoting the development of NARS in the Asia-Pacific region through inter-regional and inter-institutional cooperation and also keyed in on the APAARI vision 2025 which states that:


“Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) in the Asia-Pacific region is effectively promoted and facilitated through novel partnerships among NARS and other related organizations so that it contributes to sustainable improvements in the productivity of agricultural systems and to the quality of the natural resource base that underpins agriculture, thereby enhancing food and nutrition security, economic and social well-being of communities and the integrity of the environment and services it provides”.


FARA ED accepted the invitation to visit the APAARI facilities at the instance of his APAARI counterpart who shared the partnership analogy of the ‘Shoulder and Gun’ model “…where the Secretariat and the NARIs/NAROs provide the shoulder” and together, they both win!


This is the very first visit by a sitting FARA Executive Director who is also a Reciprocal Member of APAARI.


For more information on APAARI, click here.

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