This page aims to disseminate information generated from agricultural research activities. It focuses on information that is not tailored for the rigorous peer-review process characteristic of journal articles. This page was established following FARA's realization that useful information generated through project activities, commissioned studies or other intellectual inquiry is not disseminated because there is a dearth of easily accessible channels for sharing it. These information products may be preliminary or final; but could be lost completely for lack of avenues to disseminate them.
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Research Reports

On this page we publish research reports, opinion pieces and reviews of various aspects of agricultural research and development. FARA welcomes submissions of manuscripts from stakeholders for review and publication. Kindly download a copy of the Instruction for Authors HERE


  1. Ampadu-Ameyaw, R, Omari R and Owusu Essegbey G, (2017). Development and Analysis of the Rice Value Chain for the Hohoe and Jasikan Districts of the Volta Region, Ghana. FARA research Reports Vol 1(1) PP 48.
  2. Makini, F.W; Kamau, G.M; Mose, L.O.; Ongala, J; Salasya, B; Mulinge, W.W and Makelo, M, (2017). Status, Challenges, and Prospects of Agricultural Mechanisation in Kenya: The case of Rice and Banana value chains. FARA Research Reports Vol 1(2) PP 24.
  3. Kergna AO and Dembélé D (2017). Innovation Opportunities in Mango Value Chain in Mali. FARA research Reports Vol 1(3) PP 48.
  4. Ampadu-Ameyaw, R, Omari R and Owusu Essegbey G, (2017). Factors Influencing Scaling-up of Agricultural Innovations: Lessons from Ghana. FARA research Reports Vol 1(4) PP 20.
  5. Kergna AO and Dembélé D (2017). Innovation Opportunities in Irish Potato Value Chain in Mali. FARA research Reports Vol 1(5) PP14.
  6. Adegbola, Y P, Kouton-Bognon B, Ahoyo-Adjovi, N R and Atacolodjou A, (2017). Functions and Impacts of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms in Benin. FARA Research Reports Vol 1(6) PP 26.
  7. Adegbola, Y P, Ahoyo-Adjovi, N R, Hessavi P, Kouton-Bognon B, Montcho D and Mensah SE, (2017). Impact of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies on Farm Yields and Income in Benin. FARA Research Reports Vol 1(7) PP 58.
  8. Dayo Phillip , Olumuyiwa O Jayeoba , Yarama Ndirpaya, Gabriel Malomo and Edet Ekong,
    (2018). Scaling strategies for agricultural innovations in Nigeria. FARA Research Reports Vol 2(1) PP 21.

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In Memoriam: Prof Calestous Juma (June 9, 1953 - December 15, 2017)

16th Dec, 2017
A big fish just left our pond! It feels like a surreal scenario reading about the passing of the greatest luminary of our time - Prof Calestous Juma.
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FARA ED Emphasised the Need for Africa to Act on Recommendations that Emanate from Continental High-level Meetings

29th Nov, 2017
The African Union Commission in collaboration with the NEPAD Agency, FAO, WHO and Development Partners organized a two-day Continental Symposium
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