Date: 28th March 2022

The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) is registering new Suppliers, Individual Consultants and other service providers for the years 2022/2023. The exercise is also intended to clean our current Supplier/Consultant database of dormant vendors and admit new ones to improve the system.

Prospective and eligible firms and Individuals interested in transacting business with FARA with the sound technical know-how of the relevant field may apply on the prescribed application forms for pre-qualification to facilitate the compilation of the vendors’ database at no fee. If relevant documents as mentioned in this advert are not made available, the application form is liable to be rejected.

Interested Firms and Individual Consultants willing to apply can do so by downloading the respective forms (A or B) below:

Click to download Form A (for all firms)

Click to download Form B (for Individual Consultants only)After submissions, Individual consultants are also encouraged to register their detailed profiles at

The categories of goods, works and services required for the registration include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Goods and Equipment
§  Agricultural inputs

§  Furniture and fittings

§  Electrical Accessories

§  Machinery and equipment

§  Refreshment Items

§  Generator Sets

§  IT Supplies and Accessories

§  Fuels, Oils and Lubricants

§  Printed Material and Stationery

§  Supply of Vehicles, Motorcycles and Accessories

§  Spare Parts (Vehicle & Plant)

§  Textbooks and Library Books

§  Teaching and Learning Materials

§  Field logistics and Equipment

§  Construction Materials (Paints etc…)

§  Others:


2. Works and Maintenance

§  Construction/Renovations/ Maintenance of Buildings and Structures

§  Water Systems (Boreholes, Dams, etc)

§  Sewage and Drainage Systems



3. Consultancy Services

§  Financial Audit Services

§  Human Resources

§  Strategy Planning & Project Management

§  Animal Science & Health

§  Agricultural Biotechnology & Biochemistry

§  Gender and Youth


§  Engineering Consultants

§  Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness

§  Plant Pathology

§  Environmental Safeguards

§  Social Safeguards

§  Agriculture Foresight

§  Capacity Development


§  Legal Consultants

§  Governance

§  Procurement Management

§  Baseline Studies

§  IT Solutions

§  Knowledge Management

§  Communications

§  Food Science



4. Technical Services

§  General Cleaning Services

§  Design, Printing and Publication Services

§  Special Services/ Protocol

§  IT Software Solutions & Web Maintenance

§  Training, Seminar and Conference

§  Car Rental Services

§  Catering services

§  Banking / Financial Services

§  Plumbing Works

§  Painting Works

§  Repair and Servicing of Air conditioners

§  Repair of Computers, Printers and Photocopiers

§  Insurance

§  Supply of decorations and corporate gifts

§  Hotel Accommodation

§  Media and Publicity

§  Events Management

§  Travel, Transport, Supply of Air tickets

§  Advertising and Branding

§  Fumigation and Pest Control Services

§  Carpentry Works

§  Electrical Works

§  Routine Maintenance, Servicing and Repair of vehicles

§  Provision of short-term training courses

§  Parcel collection and Delivery services

§  Third Party Logistics services

§  Interpretation/Translation Services (languages)

§  Security Services/Alarm Services and Monitoring

§  Routine Maintenance, Servicing and Repair of Generators



Applicants (Firms) are required to provide documents relating to the following:

  1. An introductory letter clearly stating the area of specialization/business lines, address, business location, reliable phone number(s), e-mail address (if any), and any contact or information that might be useful
  2. Company Profile
  3. Fully filled-out Registration form A (for all firms)
  4. Fully filled Registration form B (for Individual Consultants only)
  5. Current Business Registration and Commencement Certificates
  6. VAT Registration Certificate (or if exempted, evidence of exemption)
  7. Proof of fulfilment of tax obligations (Current IRS Tax Clearance Certificate) as of 31st December 2021.
  8. Copy of Valid SSNIT Clearance Certificate (evidence of exemption, if any). As of 31st December 2021
  9. Ministry of Works and Housing Clearance Certificate (Construction companies only)


Registration Criteria

All applicants would be assessed on a merit-point basis using criteria based on the indicators identified above (a-i). Applicants must overall score up to 85% or above to qualify for acceptance.

All duly completed application forms, introduction letter together with the relevant supporting documents should be sent electronically to the email stated address below:


The deadline for submission of applications is Monday, April 25, 2022 @ 16:00GMT.


Interested firms, suppliers, contractors and service providers seeking clarification should kindly contact FARA’s Procurement Unit – Monday to Friday between 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.


For Enquiries Only:

Procurement Unit,

Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)

PMB CT 173 Cantonments, Accra

7 Flower Avenue, Mile 7, Achimota, Accra

+233 302 774838 | 302 744888


FARA Affirmative Action Statement on Recruitment: there is no discrimination based on gender race, religion, ethnic orientation, disability, or health status.

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    Who will write the introduction letter for the individual consultant?

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