Staff Annual Assessment

Staff Annual Assessment and Development Form

• Please refer to the guidelines for complementary information on how to use this form
• This is supposed to be interactive between staff and supervisor.
A. Personal/Unit Information
PART A – Overall performance of achievements
B. Review of the main duties in the previous year [To be completed by supervisor in discussion with staff member] List and indicate essential work performed. Any changes to the job description should be endorsed by the ED through your supervisor.
Job description - 20%

B (i) Assessment of 2020 work plan implementation [To be completed by supervisor in discussion with staff member] List and indicate essential work performed. Any changes to the job description should be endorsed by the ED through your supervisor.
Work plan/targets for 2020 & Goals agreed for 2020 - 60%
B (ii) Assessment of employee’s use of skill (Supervisor to give feedback on skills required for the job and employees strengths and weaknesses based on the conduct and events observed in the execution of the main duties. Indicate strength and weaknesses Indicate the skills needed to function in the position if any
Competency Assessment - 20%
C. Rating calculation
% score
Average Rating
Job description implementation assessment
Workplan implementation assessment
Competency assessment
D. Other work improvement variables
General Competencies [To be completed by the supervisor]. Describe the employee's performance in each of the below core competencies.
Criteria (Please refer to the annex for full description of the criteria and guidelines)
Needs development
1. Quality assurance
2. Effective communication
3. Negotiation skill
4. Stakeholder coordination skill
5. Problem solving abilities
6. Influencing skill
7. Building and sharing knowledge
8. Use of initiative
9. Meeting timeliness and punctuality
10. Leadership abilities
11. Publications in the year
E. Learning areas …
[Based on the grid of competence prioritise areas where staff has learning potential, scope for improvement and need for support in order to: a)- perform the main duties and planned work in his/her current position ]
F. Employability and career guidance (talent management)
[The supervisor discusses possibilities for maintaining and enhancing the employee’s employability and career prospects…
a- In his/her present position (e.g. updating skills, new tasks, greater responsibility);
b- with a view to a possible follow-on position;
c- with a view to medium to long-term career prospects (e.g. institutional experience, priority areas of position, skills development)… ]
G. Maintaining performance capacity …
[The manager documents the results of the management dialogue about workload. The talk addresses the employee’ work situation (e.g. amount of work, time pressure, support, where applicable, and scope for action). The measures agreed for dealing with or regulating the workload are documented here.]
H. Performance and working environment [To be completed by employee]
i. What factors aided achievement of your main responsibilities and objectives?
ii. What factors hindered achievement of your main responsibilities and objectives?
iii. What has been your most significant experiences during the evaluation period?
iv. In which way did your supervisor support performance of your work during this evaluation period?
v. In which way can your performance be improved?
I. Goals agreed for the next year
[The staff and supervisor agree on two to four goals relevant for achieving the department or divisions overall target. These can be individual or team goals, with all members of the team being named. Any modifications to goals during the year must be jointly agreed, documented and updated in the table]
Goals description
Agreed conditions for achieving the goals
K. General comments [To be completed by supervisor]
L. General comments [To be completed by employee]
Next level Supervisor’s comment