Annual Staff Assessment Form

MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
PART A – Overall performance of achievements
Job description - 20%
Brief description of job
B (i) Assessment of 2020 work plan implementation [To be completed by supervisor in discussion with staff member] List and indicate essential work performed. Any changes to the job description should be endorsed by the ED through your supervisor.
Work plan/targets for 2020 & Goals agreed for 2020 - 60%

B (ii) Assessment of employee’s use of skill (Supervisor to give feedback on skills required for the job and employees strengths and weaknesses based on the conduct and events observed in the execution of the main duties. Indicate strength and weaknesses
Indicate the skills needed to function in the position if any
Competency Assessment - 20%
Core & job related competency
Brief description of skill
Achievement (staff has acquired extra skills on the job or outside training). Give examples
C. Rating calculation
% score
Average rating
Job description implementation assessment
Workplan implementation assessment
Competency assessment
D. Other work improvement variables
General Competencies [To be completed by the supervisor]. Describe the employee's performance in each of the below core competencies.
Criteria (Please refer to the annex for full description of the criteria and guidelines)
Needs development
1. Quality assurance
2. Effective communication
Negotiation skill
4. Stakeholder coordination skill
1. Problem solving abilities
6. Influencing skill
7. Building and sharing knowledge
8. Use of initiative
9. Meeting timeliness and punctuality
10. Leadership abilities
11. Publications in the year