Professional Staff

Yemi Akinbamijo

Executive Director

Dr. Yemi Akinbamijo is an agriculture expert with a track record of leadership in Food/Nutrition Security, Rural Development, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

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Christabel Efua Essel


Christabel Efua Essel is a language specialist with more than twenty-eight years of experience in translation. She is currently serving as Translator at FARA where she translates,

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Fatunbi Oluwole Abiodun

Lead Specialist: Innovation Systems and Partnerships

Fatunbi Oluwole Abiodun is the Lead Specialist for Innovation to impact Partnerships and Systems in FARA. He holds a doctorate degree in Farming Systems Agronomy from the University of Ibadan

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Abdulrazak Ibrahim

Capacity Development Specialist

Abdulrazak Ibrahim was trained as an Agricultural Biotechnologist in EMBRAPA Brazil and worked as a Research Officer in Jigawa State Agricultural Research Institute, Nigeria from 2000-2007.

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Benjamin Abugri

Knowledge Mgt. and Outreach Officer

Benjamin Abugri is the Knowledge Management and Outreach Officer for FARA. He is responsible for implementing activities of the Knowledge Management and Outreach

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Munoko Karen Musikoyo-Nguru

Agri-business Expert

Munoko Karen Musikoyo-Nguru is the Agribusiness Expert in FARA. She has extensive knowledge of, and skills in agribusiness development work with over 9 years’ experience.

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