AUDA-NEPAD Renews Partnership with FARA

On 20th September 2019, the Executive Director of FARA Dr. Yemi Akinbamijo led a team of Secretariat staff that met with the leadership of the African Union Development Agency (AUDA)-NEPAD to deliberate on the future partnership between the two organizations.  In this meeting, FARA sought to establish its role in the context of the redefined mandate of AUDA, namely to coordinate and execute priority regional and continental development projects towards the accelerated realization of Agenda 2063 – Africa’s vision and action plan. AUDA-NEPAD affirmed that FARA will continue to serve as its technical arm on continental agriculture research and innovation issues and workstreams.

AUDA-NEPAD and FARA identified several concrete actions they will execute jointly towards implementation of commitments by AU Heads of State and Government at their sitting in Malabo in 2014 (Malabo Commitments).  These include: (i) mainstreaming the Science Agenda for Agriculture in Africa into National Agriculture Investment Plans and Programmes; (ii) development of African capacity in foresight, and (iii) undertaking foresight studies to improve the planning for Africa’s future agriculture and food system. The foresight studies are particularly targeted at strengthening the planning for harnessing the science, technology and innovation required to enable the continent’s agriculture and food system meet the exacting demands of the future.

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