REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT): Facilitation of training and foresight analysis in Malawi

Consulting Services: Facilitation of trainings and foresight analysis to foster alignment and partnership for implementation of Agricultural Transformation Initiative (ATI) in Malawi
Name of project:          
Activity Ref No: FARA/DRI/ CDA 03.2.4/FSFW
Procurement Ref: FARA/FSFW/CS/IC/2020/01
Date: Tuesday, July 7, 2020


  1. The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) has established the African Foresight Academy (AFA) to strengthen Africa’s foresight capacity on how innovation and knowledge can best help surmount the diverse challenges facing agriculture for more responsive agri-food system. The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World (FSFW) launched the Agricultural Transformation Initiative (ATI), which has been implementing program in Malawi including the CAT, DRAM and MWAPATA. ATI recognizes foresight analysis as a mechanism to review its research for development (R4D) efforts to fine-tune’s its research agenda and facilitate uptake of 21st century science, technology and innovation (STI) solutions targeted at raising the productivity of Malawian agriculture and to offer gender-responsive viable alternatives to smallholder tobacco farming. The FSFW is in partnership with FARA to undertake a foresight analysis for the ATI in Malawi to gather evidence and tease out innovation needs that support efforts of the ATI toward identifying and promoting viable alternative livelihoods to tobacco smallholder farming in Malawi.


  1. The objective of this request for expression of interest is to engage a consultant to facilitate training and foresight analysis to foster alignment and partnership for implementation of Future alternatives for gender-responsive and climate-smart post-tobacco farming systems in Malawi.


  1. As part of the responsibility, the Consultant will be assigned mainly to:
    1. Facilitate Preparation of stakeholders’ workshops to look at existing challenges, probable future trajectories, and driving forces of a gender-equitable and climate-resilient post-tobacco system in Malawi.
    2. Facilitate a normative foresight process through back-casting to analyze likely pathways to achieving the STI needs within Malawi post-tobacco system
    3. Facilitate the development of gender-responsive and climate-relevant scenario maps through involvement of ATI partners and beneficiaries
    4. Compile workshop report and participate in upfront the field work on foresight
    5. Submission of Draft Report followed by Final Report

These tasks are detailed in the terms of reference below.

TOR – Facilitation of trainings and foresight analysis to foster alignment and partnership for implementation of Agricultural Transformation Initiative (ATI) in Malawi

  1. The Executive Director of FARA invites interested consultants to express their interest in carrying out this assignment.


  1. Consultants interested in this call must provide an Expression of Interest no longer than 10 pages, outlining proposed methodologies, references related to the execution of similar contracts, experience in similar areas or evidence of knowledge and/or involvement in climate change, and a proposed timeline. Brochures, CV’s, and other supplementary materials will not be included in the 10-page limit.


  1. The anticipated period of performance for this consultancy is 20 man-days expected to fully complete within a period of 5 months maximum.


  1. The consultant will be selected based on procedures defined in the Procurement Guidelines of FARA.


  1. Interested consultants may obtain supplementary information and reference documents from the Director of Research and Innovation, Dr. Irene Annor-Frempong [[email protected]] and copy the Capacity Development Officer, Abdulrazak Ibrahim [], during the following hours: 9h00 to 15h00 GMT.


Please download the Terms of Reference below for further information on this opportunity.

  1. Expressions of Interest should be submitted electronically to [[email protected]] and addressed to Dr. Yemi Akinbamijo, Executive Director of FARA, 12 Anmeda Street, Roman Ridge, Accra, Ghana, no later than Monday, 17th August, 2020, at 14h00 GMT. Tel: +233 302 772823/744888


  1. FARA Affirmative Action Statement on Recruitment: there is no discrimination based on gender race, religion, ethnic orientation, disability or health status.


Executive Director of FARA

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