REOI: Recruitment of a Long-Term Individual Consultant to Develop and Maintain FARA’s Automated Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) System

Consulting Services: Recruitment of a Long-Term Consultant to Develop and Maintain FARA’s Automated Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) System
Name of Project: CAADP-XP4
Activity Ref No: CAADP-XP4 Output 5/ Activity 5.2.2; 5.2.3; 5.2.4; 5.2.5; 5.2.6; / 2021
Procurement Ref: FARA/CAADP-XP4/CS/IC/2021/04
Date: Monday, June 21, 2021


  1. The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), together with the Sub-Regional Agricultural Research Organizations (SROs), offer a strategic platform that fosters continental and global networking to strengthen the innovation capacities of Africa’s agricultural research system. FARA also has a mandate from the AUC to serve as its technical arm in advancing the Science Agenda in Africa’s Agriculture.

FARA has identified an increasing need for deeper collaboration among Agricultural Research for Development practitioners and private sector partners in Africa to achieve transformation in the agricultural sector. FARA has therefore embarked on an inclusive process together with the Sub Regional Organizations (ASARECA, CCARDESA, CORAF) and AFAAS to develop a new vision of collaboration and operationalization with private sector partners. This is being done through the European Union (EU) FUNDS under the Development Smart Innovation through Research in Agriculture (DeSIRA) initiative. The initiative aims to implement a 4-year project in Africa called CAADP Ex-Pillar 4 (CAADP-XP4).

Part of FARA’s organizational capacity development supported by this programme seeks to strengthen planning, monitoring, evaluation, reporting, learning, and accountability.  A key dimension of this work entails automating the FARA MEL system.  The data management models and architecture for this automation have been developed, and a working web application is currently in operation.

  1. The overall aim of this assignment is to engage the services of a long-term Consultant to complete the automation of this system and support its maintenance.


  1. This request for expression of interest aims at engaging a consultant to carry out the following functions:
    1. Finalization of modules initiated for the MEL website.
    2. Upgrade of the user interface and experience of the web application.
    3. Development of additional layers of security and authentication.
    4. Development of new modules, extra features, upgrades, forms and reports based on demand.
    5. Regular maintenance of the web application, MySQL database, and the cloud and server architecture.
    6. Provision of technical support for managing and administering the web application, database, and cloud and server architecture.
    7. Support of training organized for local and international staff, partners, CAADP XP4 organizations, and users on the web application.
    8. Support the interoperability of the web application with systems developed by FARA, other CAADP XP4 organizations, and other relevant data portals, including APIs development and integration.
    9. Coordination of work on developing and implementing APIs in relation to external consultants.


The detailed terms of reference are in the link below:

TOR- Recruitment of long-term consultant to develop and maintain FARA Automated Monitoring and Evaluation and Learning System

  1. The Executive Director of FARA invites interested consultants to express interest in carrying out this assignment.


  1. Consultants interested in this call must provide an Expression of Interest no longer than 10 pages, outlining proposed methodologies, references related to the execution of similar contracts, experience in similar areas, or evidence of knowledge and a proposed timeline. Brochures, CVs, and other supplementary materials submitted shall not be accounted for as part of the 10-page limit.


  1. The anticipated period of performance for this consultancy is 120 person-days spread over twelve months. The work shall be carried out from 1st August 2021 to 31st July 2022, an average of 10 working days per month.


  1. The individual consultant shall be selected based on procedures defined in the Procurement Guidelines of FARA.


  1. Interested consultants may obtain further information from FARA’s Monitoring and Evaluation Lead Specialist, Anselme Vodounhessi [], and copy the Procurement Expert, Mr Callistus Achaab [], during the following hours: 9h00 to 15h00 GMT.


Please download the Terms of Reference below for further information on this opportunity. Terms of Reference


  1. Expressions of Interest should be submitted electronically to [] and addressed to Dr Yemi Akinbamijo, Executive Director of FARA, No 9 Flower Avenue, New Achimota, Mile 7, Accra, Ghana, no later than Monday, 5th July 2021, at 14h00 GMT. Tel: +233 302 772823/744888


  1. FARA Affirmative Action Statement on Recruitment: there is no discrimination based on gender, race, religion, ethnic orientation, disability, or health status.


Executive Director of FARA


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