Exploring the Breadfruit… a forgotten Africa food

The breadfruit is an amazing food commodity; it should rather be called a “loaf of nutrients”, it contains huge amounts of vitamin, mineral and other essential elements. At last! it now falls within the forgotten food commodities. Bread fruit originates from New guinea and the Philippines; but it grows very well in most tropical areas of the world and thrives in wet ecologies of Africa.

The consumption is now limited, largely within the farming families as occasional snacks, hence its cultivation in little to no-existent and now serves as volunteer trees on farms. Research effort on the breadfruit is also very minimal leaving it in its very rudimentary state of development.

Improving this commodity has the potential to contribute to food and nutritional security in Africa.




The re-awakening of the potentials in forgotten foods as part of  the global efforts of fostering sustainable food and nutritional security, gives the opportunity to develop a rich commodity like breadfruit to attains a prominent role in the food system.











The continental discussion to develop the “Africa Manifesto on Forgotten food is ongoing.

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Article written by; Wole Fatunbi

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