Foresight Africa: Top priorities for the continent 2020-2030

The new year 2020 marks the beginning of a promising decade for Africa. Through at least the first half of the decade, economic growth across Africa will continue to outperform that of other regions, with the continent continuing to be home to seven of the world’s 10 fastest-growing economies. Collective action among African and global policymakers to improve the livelihoods

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Examining 100 Innovations and Breakthroughs for the Future and Africa’s Agriculture

The quest to power African agricultural growth in the next decade is driven by innovations, commercialization and youth empowerment; all of which are underpinned by megatrends in Agricultural Research for Development (AR4D) in Africa.


The Future of Jobs and Digital Revolution: Spotlight on Agri-competency Systems

Over the next 30 years, African workforce will grow by 800 million people, supporting a population that is projected to reach 2.5 billion in 2050. However, in 20 out of these 30 years, most of Africa’s population will remain rural despite rapid urbanization in many countries.  This demographic shift fixes a spotlight on the need for preparedness for the changing

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Will outright ban on Forex for importation of all food items to Nigeria augur well for the overall wellbeing of the Nation?

The call by the government of President Buhari to halt the release of Forex for the importation of food items to Nigeria sounds like a very radical approach to agricultural development.  It is an hydra-headed issue with implications for various social, cultural and economic variables at micro and macro levels. The structural ban will appeal to the common man enthused

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