Rediscovering the Jute Mallow…a forgotten food

Africa possess a wide range of indigenous vegetables with huge nutrients to meet the need of its inhabitants. Jute mallow is an important shrub with loads of minerals and vitamins. It is eaten as vegetable soup. The centre of origin of this important vegetable is between Africa and Asia., although the largest variation in species is found in Africa.

Jute mallow grows very well across different agroecologies in Africa, it thrives very well under marginal conditions of nutrients and moisture. This vegetable contains high nutrient value as one cup of 87g could provide 32 calories.  If you contrast the nutrient in jute mallow with the major exotic leafy vegetable such as cabbage (Brassica spp) and lettuce (Lactuca sativa) you will realize that the nutritional value of jute mallow is richer and higher.



Africa stand to gain higher and better nutritional advantages from our indigenous foods. All efforts should be on deck to improve these commodities and ensure their prominence in our food system.











Source: USDA FoodData Central, 2019.


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Article written by; Ramid  P Saana


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